Dear New York,


Dear New York,

I fucking love you.

I understand why you have such a reputation now. I get why you’re the subject of so many dreams. You got me.

So many times, without me even noticing, you’d put a stupid smile on my face as I walked down your streets. I hope other people saw me and thought damn, I’ll have what she’s having.

Strangely enough, you helped me slow down. You should’ve seen the to-do list I was working with. Not to mention the to-see list. What was I thinking? That I’d be heading straight home after work, watching lectures for class, then learning 3D modeling or UX or whatever else was on that list? I wanted too much. You suggested I take a walk after work. Take the n q r w 1 2 3 or anything. Stroll through SoHo. Sit in Washington Square Park. Sip a latte on a bench and watch the yellow cabs weave their way through the narrow streets. Get through the list later, not now. Not when you have this much to see.

I think I know myself better now, and that’s also thanks to you.

I don’t care what people say. I love your subway. I love Times Square. I can deal with your smell.

Thank you for being witness to many firsts and fuck ups.

Thank you for bringing new people into my life and reconnecting me with old ones. The city feels a lot smaller now.

Miss you already. See you soon.


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