A Taste of Chianti


Tenuta del Palagio in Chianti
Family owned winery
Introduction to the winery
Explanation of wines, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
Four course meal paired with wine

Everything affects a wine grape – the fertility of the soil, the atmosphere, the amount of sunlight, vicinity to the ocean
It takes time for vineyards to lay down their roots deep enough into the soil to draw the good nutrients
too much water for olives and grapes is not good bc roots cannot reach far enough down to get minerals 

For salad, use 5 year old balsamic vinegar
For cheese, meat, use 8 year old vinegar
For vanilla ice cream, use 12 year old vinegar

The DOP symbol is a guarantee of quality – you can be sure there was no fraud in production

Olives have a high concentration of antioxidants when they are young
If the acidity of olive oil is low, then the quality of olives is good 
It’s better to anticipate an olive harvest, timing for when the fruits are young

vin santo – holy wine 

American oak for storing cabernet
the thicker the wood the longer the barrel can be kept 
wooden barrels permit osmosis, micro oxygenation
this transform tannins from bitter to mild 

Four course meal + wine tasting favorites:
pinot grigio
brie, chocolate + blueberry jam
chianti caviar: parmesan and olive oil 
chianti classico riserva 2008
merlot, less acidic than chiantis

rustle of leaves on the cusp of autumn
chickens cluck, calling for attention
chuckles around the table as we talk about our full bellies and potential futures, birthdays and boys
resting smiles with no effort 

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