Florence: Week 3


Sept 9
today at the grocery store i saw the waiter who served me my gnocchi last week 
the town is becoming smaller already 

Sept 11
What does it mean to connect high level theories to every day work? How can we be more cognizant of the things we learn through our readings?

Sept 13
(excursion to Siena and San Gimignano)

siena cathedral
ceiling so grand you want to lie on the floor to stare at it
floor so intricate you want to lie on the floor face down to study it

the light that enters through the windows is transformed somehow
like when a diamond is polished, it pierces

I can see how practicing faith here would certainly lend mysticism and belief to any life

more is certainly more

less is certainly more
a man reciting the divine comedy by heart

Learning to trust my gut when it comes to making plans with other people
Yes, I would love to make fun last minute travel plans, but I also have to listen to myself and know my budget, and be ok with telling other people no

Very excited for the wine tour tmr !!

Sept 14

there’s something about the sun here…
or i guess more accurately there’s something about the way Italy absorbs the energy of the sun … 

also, i’ve been thinking about what this blog is, what i want to post… i don’t want to just post photos of pretty sparkling water, 

is my creativity dying? does creativity die?

Click here for the wine tasting post

Sept 15

went on a run to clear my head

went to Libri Liberi to study, quaint little spot that smells of smoke outside and has a hanging banana thing i forget what it’s called (A HAMMOCK)

tried to go to melrose vintage to get those cute white tops i saw last week but mf OKTOBERFEST is driving all these girls to pick them clean 😫

now i’m at this little boba spot near the train station… little taste of home i hope 

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