Florence: Week 4


Sept 16
late night thoughts

will globalization affect Italy in the same way that it’s affected the United States? with products being produced all over the world becoming taken for granted? here everything is so rooted in Italianness, it’s such a young country, the development of Italy as a nation only really starting with the end of WWII

facetiming my friends really has been such a game changer, i can’t believe i never really thought to do it until now. it makes me so elated to just spend an hour or two catching up with them and hearing about what’s going on in their lives. 

earlier in my language class we did a task that involves walking to a nearby piazza, and on the way there I spotted this tiny tiny little leather shop, Stephanie Lehmann was written on the glass. I went back during my lunch break and YES this is what I’ve been looking for. Stephanie was behind the counter cutting leather and we chatted briefly because she could speak English. Her shop was tiny, probably with room for no more than 3 people in front to fit comfortably. Overhead were rolls of multicolored leather, and on the walls were the products she made. I’m hoping to ask her to make a customized leather laptop case for me 😌

in my marketing class i learned about taxation of businesses and citizens
frankly it’s ridiculous
people are stifled and can’t even turn to businesses for employment, because businesses are stifled as well
i feel so lucky to be a US citizen 

Sept 17
I CANNOT believe it took me this long to go to the Sant’Ambrogio market
that place invigorated me
the daily, minute interactions between vender and buyer over the overflowing, bountiful produce,
it was absolutely nothing like going to Conad at 7 PM when the whole place is packed full of nervous grocery shopping energy
This shall be a ritual every week now

Doing a reading for my cities and sustainability class and it’s putting into perspective the start of our environmental problems – the Industrial Revolution, and with it, humankind’s mindset regarding resource use. This originated in Britain, so I’m curious, what’s the environmental movement like in Britain? Where is the environmental movement the strongest? Is there any sense of responsibility dating back to the time of the Industrial Revolution?

“In 1800, no more than 7 percent of the world population lived in urban environments. Today, the proportion of the world’s population living in cities has passed 50 percent.” What ridiculous growth is this, within a mere 200 years?? 

Sept 18
8:45 am
babies riding to school on bikes with their parents
sileno cheloni profumerie

Sept 19
today i booked my tickets to Prague, Budapest and Vienna for my fall break. i don’t feel anything quite yet about traveling solo, i’m sure i will once the time comes

now at Forte di Belvedere
a grand Medici fortress, the shivering grass now home for aluminum animals 
shivering grass
wind that precedes a storm 
such a view of the city that you don’t know whether to look right or look left or look in front of you

Something that’s slowly started to happen lately
Our apartment has slowly grown from a somewhat tight knit group of housemates to just housemates. Yaknow, housemates who you live with and are cool with, but don’t necessarily go out of their way to hang out with each other.. . . I think it’s just been a little strange to drift this way, especially since we spent so much time with each other in the beginning. I came into this experience honestly hoping for the best case scenario, the golden ticket, of a group of girls who would find themselves perfectly suited to each other and turn out to be close friends. . . I think that’s just something that I need to grow out of at this point. grow up Sophia!!

Sept 21
thoughts on Venice

Venice makes my heart hurt, it’s so beautiful that it’s almost incomprehensible to me. the waterways, beautiful architecture, the different islands, it’s honestly too much for me to take in. so much of it now too is just sensory overload, with all the tourist shops and tourists, my eyes are constantly wandering, getting distracted, their focus being stolen from the beauty of the city itself by the artificial. but then again, it’s all artificial isn’t it? 

i kept thinking, Venice would be so beautiful and unbelievable if there weren’t this many tourists. it’s impossible for me to imagine, a city like that where people just exist in their day to day lives. but in that case, shouldn’t none of us be there? wouldn’t it be more ideal if tourists never ruined the city, therefore we were never to see the city anywhere except in photos? was the Venice of my imagination more magical?

Sept 22
currently in Il Paradiso Perduto, a big warm seafood restaurant
two gals sitting next to me just started talking to me! they’re from Montreal, just traveling here for 20 days
perks of eating alone are that people are nicer to you
so lovely 

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